The bathroom is the sanctuary. Our oasis. Our place to unwind, relax, rejuvenate and restore. We believe there is a story behind every sanctuary and we are here to bring your dream bathroom to life.

Our Company

Welcome to UpTubs, a team of designers, experts, and dreamers based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We started our company to offer high quality designer bathroom furniture and fixtures at affordable prices. We specialize in bathroom essentials and carry a multiple selection of bathtubs, showers, whirlpools and more.

As our company continuously expands we have ventured into kitchen sinks too. We are excited to bring on more brands to better serve you!

Our Vision

Create memorable brand experiences while positively influencing all clients we serve.

Our Mission

We want to positively influence the lives of all customers we have the pleasure of working with. We aim to provide our customers the brands they need to build the sanctuary of their dreams. Our brands must inspire and meet all of our customers' expectations. After all, dreams are coming true and we are here to help in every step of the way. Our mission is to be there and always go one step further.

How We Deliver

We've partnered with amazing brands in the industry to give you the the luxury feel you want with the best prices. We fulfill orders from different warehouses throughout the United States.


Contact Us

Learn more on how to contact Dale or any of core team members on our Contact page.